All 3 Davenport's Tasting

When: 12/14/18; 4-6 PM
Where: Monroe Liquor Plaza
811 S. Monroe Street
Monroe, MI 49161

Davenport's promo

When: 12/14/18; 7PM
Where: Northside Bar and Grill
3475 N. Monroe Street
Monroe, MI 48162

Davenport's Tasting

When: 12/14/18;
Where: Polly's Country Market
1255 S. Main
Chelsea, MI 48118

Silk Tasting

When: 12/15/18; 4-6 PM
Where: Liquor Cabinet
7375 Secor Road
Lambertville, MI 48144

6th Element & Davenport's

When: 12/15/18; 6:30-8:30 PM
Where: Kroger
8730 Waterville Swanton Road
Waterville, OH 43566

All 5 Silk Flavors

When: 12/15/18;
Where: Liquor
Cabinet 7370 Lewis Avenue
Temperance, MI 48182

Silk Tasting

When: 12/16/18; 12-4 PM
Where: Nieman's
Family Market 1167 S. Carney Drive
St. Clair, MI 48079

Multiple Brand Tasting

When: 12/20/18; 5-7 PM
Where: Cellar
152 152 River St
Elk Rapids, MI 49629

6th Element Flavors

When: 12/21/18; 5-7 PM
Where: Jake's
1092 N. Dixie
Monroe, MI 48162

Silk and Liquor Whipped Tasting

When: 12/21/18; 4-7 PM
Where: Rosa Blanca
2420 Sunnyside Drive
Cadillac, MI 49601

All 3 Davenport's

When: 12/22/18; 1-3 PM
Where: Hi Lite Market
15539 S. Telegraph Road
Monroe, MI 48161

6th Element Flavored Vodka
Our flavors are like no other!

Davenport’s Whiskey
American Blended, Wildfire Cinnamon and Bourbon

Liquor Gelz
Pre-made, ready to go Gelatin shots.

Liquor Whipped
Vodka infused whipping cream in a can!

Silk Wine
delicate blend of cream, wine, and your favorite flavor

Tolly’s Vanilla Spice, Peanut Butter Cup,
and even Ohio Buckeye Candy

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