• Undeniably sweet. Irresistibly smooth. Who says dessert has to come after dinner?

Like sugar on your lips. A treat for your tongue.

When your mouth is craving something sweet, delicious, and just a little bit naughty…

…open a bottle of Tolly’s Peanut Butter Cup or Vanilla Spice Liquor.

What did you think we were going to suggest?

Tolly’s Peanut butter liqueur is a delectable blending of velvety chocolate and smooth peanut butter flavors that will bring out your mischievous side. Serve it over ice or mixed with your favorite spirit.

Tolly’s Vanilla Spice liqueur takes a wicked turn creating decadence that is irresistible. Drink it simply poured over ice or add your favorite spirit to it. You’ve never had spice cake and vanilla cookies like this before!


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Fan Mail

“I cannot stop eating everything that can be topped with whipped cream.

Seriously, I may need professional help. GIVE ME LIQUORWHIPPED!!!!!!”

- Distressed Fan

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