Our History

We opened our doors and packaged our first alcohol beverage in 1998. With the name temperance, often associated with total abstinent from alcohol, our thriving success in the alcohol industry is ironic. Since temperance also means moderation of a natural apetite or passion we decided to provide the perfect choice for your apetite for outstanding liquor. Eighteen years later, we have more than 100 customers and over 100 unique beverages in production.

We are clearly a leader in the temperance movement for the new millenium!

Since our establishment, multiple house brands have been developed, manufactured, and introduced to various markets. To ensure that we could continue to satisfy your apetite for outstanding liquour, we moved to a 65,000 square foot facility that incorporates our production and warehousing services.

The continuous success of our house brands led to Temperance Brands being founded in 2005. Temperance brands is the sales and marketing powerhouse focusing on supporting national distributor partnerships and retail accounts.

We have had a number of accomplishments since Founding temperance brands. We now distribute across fifteen states and three countries. Clearly, a lot of folks are choosing Temperance Brands as their drink of choice.

The Temperance Brands goal of providing the perfect choice is not limited to drinks. In addition to our outstanding vodka, whiskey, silk wines, and liquor we also have gel shots and tasty whipped cream for when you’re feeling adventurous. In other words, Temperance Brands offers something for everyone to satisfy the passion.

To experience the products offered by Temperance Brands, join us at an alcohol tasting events where you can try our products. And, after you experience the outstanding taste, use the "Where to Buy" locator to purchase products for home.

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