Temperance 6th-Element


6th Element Vodka - Inspired by the 6th element on the periodic table -- Carbon. In the production of the best vodkas, carbon is used as a filtering agent to remove impurities to create an outstanding taste profile. 6th element vodka is 6 times distilled and passed through 6 carbon filters, along with a 7th filter of silver infused carbon to create an exceptional, smooth finished vodka.

6th Element Flavored Vodka - Our flavors are like no other! 6th Element flavors are specifically designed to focus on flavor first. In most flavored vodkas, you taste vodka (burn), then a hint of flavoring at the end. 6th Element puts the entire flavor in the front so that you do not experience the burn. With this design, 6th Element enhances any specialty drink you are creating and leaving the burn behind.

6th Element Peanut Butter Vodka - YES, I SAID PEANUT BUTTER VODKA! Who doesn’t like peanut butter?

Once you open the bottle you will immediately be hit by the smell of fresh roasted peanuts. Then, the taste will blow your mind as it truly taste like peanut butter all in a smooth finish. Great in mule drinks, chocolate martinis, and other endless creations for the mixologist in you.

Now, if you’re allergic to nuts - we use natural peanut butter flavoring, so please do not consume if you have a peanut allergy.

6th Element Citrus Vodka - The ultimate lemon drop right out of the bottle! 6th element citrus is flavor forward vodka, with the perfect blend of lemon, lime and orange flavoring. Take your cosmopolitan to the next level.

6th Element Apple Vodka - True apple taste, no vodka burn! 6th Element Apple Vodka makes the perfect appletini hands down. Enjoy as a chilled shot, with tonic, with lemonade, pineapple juice, or cranberry. Makes the ultimate bay breeze!

For a fall treat, mix with our 6th Element Peanut Butter Vodka to create an apple butter shot!

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6th Element Flavored Vodka
Our flavors are like no other!

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