Temperance Davenports


Davenport’s - Rex certified liquor!

Davenport’s whiskey is crafted from the original recipes that Rex Davenport created in mid 1900’s. Rex had a passion for whiskey that we carry on that tradition in our Davenports whiskey line.

Davenport’s - American blended whiskey starts out with a bourbon base, and then is blended with other whiskeys to create an exceptionally smooth, well balanced drinking whiskey that carries the bourbon flavor throughout.

Davenport’s Wildfire - Cinnamon flavor starts with a bourbon base blended with Canadian style whiskey and cinnamon creating a true cinnamon whiskey delight.

Davenport’s - Straight Bourbon whiskey. Given such a great Bourbon base for American and Wildfire, in 2017 we decided to run a limited release of straight Bourbon under the Davenport’s label.

Born in Tennessee, raised in Michigan! We took the finished raw bourbon from Tennessee and shipped it to our facility in Michigan, and placed it in new, charred oak barrels.

It then was exposed to our cold winters and warm summers that create an outstanding taste reflective of our ever changing seasons. Aged for over 4 years, it was then bottled, and individually numbered.

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